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GIVE 1.0: GNSS/Inertial Vehicular Engine for Automotive Applications

GIVE is a low-cost, completely self-contained solution that maintains accurate navigation capabilities even in most difficult environments (urban canyons, tunnels and parking structures) where GNSS performance is severely degraded or completely denied.

Key features:

  • Integration of consumer-grade GNSS and consumer-gade MEMS inertial sensors;

  • No need for odometer connectivity;

  • Tight coupling of carrier phase GNSS with inertial measurements and vehicle motion model;

  • Software-based multipath mitigation;

  • Reliable and consistent navigation performance (position, velocity and attitude) in GNSS-challenged and denied environments (urban canyons, tunnels and parking garages).


GIVE software can be fully customized for your implementation platform.

Click here to download Example Test Results (in pdf format) and Example kml Outputs (including position, velocity and attitude data).

GIVE Evaluation Kit
GIVE 1.0
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