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Plug and Play Sensor Fusion

Our plug-and-play sensor fusion technology supports a wide range of PNT sensors and implementation platforms.

Multi-sensor augmentations of GNSS can maintain the required localization capabilities. However, current multi-sensor implementations are rather ad hoc and sensors-specific. Our team has developed a truly plug-and-play navigation solution that automatically reconfigures itself as sensors are connected to (disconnected from) the system, without the need to redesign the system architecture or its specific components.

Plug and play sensor fusion is supported by a reconfigurable integration filtering engine (RIFE). RIFE is abstracted into object-oriented multi-sensor estimation. Various sensors are represented by generic classes in the RIFE library. Each class is designed for a generic type of sensors (rather than for a specific sensor) wherein sensor types are defined by their type of measurement. When a sensor is connected to the system, RIFE is reconfigured by instantiating its object from the generic library without the need of any new coding.

Click to learn more and download a Feature Article and a Slide Deck from the ION GNSS+ Conference.

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