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Collaborative Signal Processing

Our collaborative solution combines signal and measurement data from networked nodes to extend the envelop of GPS-based PNT.

A common feature of existing methods for improving the GPS performance is that they attempt to  enhance signal processing and navigation estimation components of a single receiver. At the same time, potential that is inherent to the integration of data from multiple receiver platforms remains unexplored. To fill this technological gap, QuNav has developed a technological approach of Multi-Platform Signal and Trajectory Estimation Receiver (MUSTER). 


MUSTER combines signal and measurement data from individual non-collocated receiver nodes. The technology has been developed to support: 

  • Integration of networked receivers at the signal processing level, including: multi-platform signal tracking of attenuated GPS signals; and, multi-platform phased arrays for electronic support (ES) and electronic protection (EP); and, 

  • Integration at the measurement level, including: joint estimation of the receiver trajectory states (position, velocity and time); and, multi-platform integrity monitoring for assured PNT.


Click here to learn more and to download feature articles from Inside GNSS, GPS World, ION GNSS+ and ION ITM.

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